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April 7, 2017

Update regarding our Northumberland Vet Family

February 6, 2018
To Our Valued Clients and Friends,
As a loyal client of Northumberland Veterinary Services, we wanted to let you know the exciting news. We are pleased to announce we are joining VCA Canada – a growing family of veterinary practices devoted to Caring for Life’s Greatest Companions.
We have truly treasured your trust for us to care for your pets over the past 28 years. You have taught us as much as we have counselled you. Each animal we have had the pleasure to work with has brought us a bit of knowledge, compassion, caring, and “tails” to share for years to come.
We have frequently prioritized your pet’s needs above all, and have spent exhaustive hours in the pursuit of their well-being. It has been that approach that has brought us to the decision that we need help moving forward, and we have decided to entrust your beloved pets care with the VCA family of veterinary hospitals.
We want to take a moment to whole heartedly thank each of our veterinarians and staff that have diligently worked to make your experience with Northumberland Veterinary Service helpful and caring consistent with the family that we have all become. It is this family that will continue to care for your pets in the same manner that you have become accustomed to with us.
Lex and Michelle will still be fixtures of Northumberland Veterinary Service for the time being. However, we hope to have more time to enjoy our children, parents, friends, family, and our own pets more in the future. With our philosophy of “modern approach, traditional appeal”, we trust that the care you will continue to receive from Northumberland Veterinary Service will be seamless from what you have grown to expect. Please know that any one, at any time can still ask us our opinion. Lex still has lots of those to give!
Gratitude does not come close to portraying the myriad of emotions we feel towards the patients, clients, veterinarians and staff of Northumberland Veterinary Service, but it is our humble beginning on the next path that we will travel on together.
Kindest regards,
LEX Michelle

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