Dr. Claudia Wong

Dr. Claudia Wong graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016 and followed her partner, Dr. Mike, to Northumberland Veterinary Service and joined the team as an associate veterinarian in June 2016. Dr. Claudia has a special interest in pet nutrition. She loves to discuss common myths and misconceptions about pet food, create weight loss plans to help pets achieve and maintain a healthy body condition, and make tailored recommendations for each individual pet.
In her spare time, Dr. Claudia enjoys spending time with Dr. Mike and their three dogs: Lucy, a 13-year-old Lab, and Holly and Bandit, their miniature dachshunds. They also recently adopted Mr. Black, who some clients may recognize as NVS’ former diabetic clinic cat. He is doing great and loving their home in Cobourg.
Dr. Claudia’s hobbies include cooking, enjoying local food, sewing, travel, and exploring Northumberland County.