Surgical Services

Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery is often the solution to many clinical conditions that affect our pets. Elective surgeries such as spays and neuters can also help to prevent serious medical and behavioural issues in many of our pet species.

We offer laser surgery as well as conventional scalpel surgery. The laser cuts the tissue with energy, and cauterizes blood vessels and nerves as it cuts. This leads to a much quicker, more painless, cleaner surgery with less post-operative inflammation.

For any surgery, you will be asked to consider pre-anesthetic bloodwork (a mini-panel to evaluate critical organ function to minimize anesthetic risk) and intravenous (IV) fluids (to help support your pet under anesthesia). Both of these are optional but highly recommended.


Spay = Ovariohysterectomy

  • Intra-abdominal surgery removing the ovaries and uterus
  • Intact females are more prone to mammary (breast) cancer, pyometra (severe uterine infection) and accidental pregnancies
  • For small dogs and cats, usually recommended after first heat
  • For large breed dogs, recommended between 12-18 months or between 1st and second heats
  • If a heat has just occurred, we recommend spaying 10 weeks afterwards to allow the uterus to return to a normal size
  • With every heat a female goes through, the risk of developing mammary (breast) cancer later in life increases significantly

Neuter = Castration

  • Surgical removal of testicles
  • Intact males are more prone to prostatitis and urine marking behaviour
  • For small breed dogs and cats usually recommended around 6 months
  • For large breed dogs, usually recommended after 1 year

We also perform a variety of routine and specialized surgeries, such as:

  • Mass/tumour removals
  • Cystotomy (removal of bladder stones)
  • Aural hematoma correction
  • Foreign body removal
  • Enucleation
  • Entropion correction
  • GDV correction
  • Anal sacculectomy
  • …and many more!


Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves the skeletal system. Most commonly this is required due to trauma involving the bones or joints.

Dr. Lex is an experienced surgeon who performs all the orthopedic surgeries at NVPC. These include:

  • Cranial cruciate ligament repair
  • Fracture repair
  • Amputations (digit, limb & tail)
  • Femoral head ostectomy
  • Trochlear groove for patellar luxation

By far the most common orthopedic condition in dogs is the tearing of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL, otherwise known as the ACL in humans). While in smaller dogs these can heal on their own with rest and pain medication, in larger dogs they often need surgery to help stabilize the knee joint. We perform the lateral fabellar repair technique to place a cable in the knee to secure the joint, allowing the scar tissue in the knee to form appropriately.